Animals In Art

Animals In Art

“Would you like to see your favourite pet or animal immortalised in paint?”

“Barry will be selecting his next subject from your entries.”

“If your entry is selected to be painted, you will get to see Barry’s unique interpretation of your photo.”

“See how an award winning artist represents your favourite pet or animal in paint.”



Read both the “Photo’s that Barry would like to work from” and “Terms and conditions” below and then follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – fill in your details in the “get in touch” section of our contact page including your name, email address and telephone number
Step 2 – upload your image (JPEG file only)
Step 3– in the Message box include:
– the name of subject (if known)
– the breed or type of animal (if known)
– your relationship to the animals or why this image is special to you
Step 4 – check the “mail chimp opt in” to receive any news from McCann Fine Art

Step 5 – hit the “submit” button

Good luck with your submission!



Have the subject in focus. Hint – with your camera, half press the shutter button to bring your subject into focus, or with your mobile phone touch the screen where you would like it to focus. If your subject is in motion, use a fast shutter speed to “freeze” the shot.
Show the character, expression or personality of the subject. Hint – a natural and alert pose makes a better painting. Use some help to distract, bribe or animate your subject. Try and capture that “special” look.

Be high resolution digital JPEG photos. Hint – use the highest quality setting on your camera or mobile phone. Don’t crop or resize the image after it has been taken and please send me the original or actual size photo. Get close to your subject (but not too close as this can cause distortion) or use a zoom lens or optical zoom. Avoid using digital zoom. Do not send any screen shots, Facebook images, photos of photos or any image that has been altered or edited in any way.

Have good lighting. Hint – use natural light. Early morning or late afternoon light is ideal. Avoid the harsh midday sun. Have the subject in approximately two thirds light or shadow. If you have to take the subject indoors, position the subject near a window or door or use a spotlight off to the side. Avoid using a flash from the camera.

Be taken at eye level. Hint – if the subject is smaller than you, kneel or crouch down to the subject’s height (or place them on a table). If the subject is taller than you, either stand on something or move away from the subject and zoom in (keeping the quality of the photo in mind).

Have the subject looking slightly off centre. Hint – have your subject looking slightly to the right or left of the frame with both eyes in view (the second eye will usually only be partially seen). Side profiles can also work depending on the light.

Have the subject in motion if it is to be more like a figurative piece rather than a portrait. Hint – try and capture the entire subject in motion by using a faster shutter speed and/or taking photos on burst mode.

Have some separation from the background. Hint – If your subject is mostly light in tone, make sure your background is mid to dark in tone. If your subject is quite dark in tone, then your background should be mid to light in tone.

Have no copyright attached to them. Hint – do not send me any photo that has been taken by a professional photographer or that you have downloaded from the internet. Send only images that you or a family member has taken.



  1. Only one entry per person consisting of one photo saved as a JPEG file.
  2. Image size to be no larger than 5MB (please read “Photos that Barry would like to work from” above)
  3. The personal information collected will only be used by McCann Fine Art. We will not or do not share your information with any third parties.
  4. All correctly completed entries will be viewed by Barry for consideration as a potential subject for a painting.
  5. If your entry is selected you will be contacted by Barry and he will let you know when you can expect to view the completed painting.
  6. Barry’s decision for which subject he is to paint is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  7. Barry has complete control of the outcome of the work including size and materials used. The painting will be completed in the artist’s style and technique/method and the copyright will remain the property of the artist and the painting may be used for promotional purposes.
  8. By entering, all entrants agree to the terms and conditions and consent to the use of their photos and personal data by Barry for the purposes of the administration and completion of the work.