Throughout history, artists have benefitted from having an art mentor to help them progress to a stage where they feel comfortable exhibiting or selling their work.


The difference between attending a painting workshop and being mentored is the rate of improvement. Most students attending workshops rarely paint between classes and therefore have to “start again” at each class and the teachers time is divided between the participants. When you join our program to be mentored your weekly commitment and individual attention guarantees improvement to achieve your goals.   


“When you want to achieve your personal best you will need your personal trainer!”

Sign up with Barry and Lucy TODAY! The next block of meetings begins June 2021.



  • Barry and Lucy will meet with you on weekly basis via Zoom.
  • These weekly meetings will be 1 hour in length and must be booked in blocks of 4 consecutive weeks at the allotted time slot.
  • The weekly meetings are tailor made for you. You bring to the meeting your latest idea for a painting or painting you have started or believe is finished, together with any reference material as a JPEG file (this is emailed to Barry and Lucy ahead of the meeting time) and this will be the painting discussed for that week. You decide each week the painting to be discussed. Any subject, any size, painted in any medium.
  • You can discuss, ask questions and point out any concerns regarding the piece submitted.
  • Barry and Lucy will share their comments, advice and recommendations for any improvements required on this submission and explain their reasons why with the aid of a virtual demonstration.
  • The virtual demonstration can be done directly onto your JPEG submission in front of you in real time at this meeting and this way we are not actually painting or touching your work.
  • Following each meeting, you will be emailed an image or a list showing a summary of their suggestions and you can then elect to adjust your painting according to these suggestions or not.

The cost for 4 x 1 hour meetings is AUD$660.00 and is non-refundable and can be paid via a direct deposit or by credit card over the phone.

Contact us today to be part of this unique opportunity!

PLACES ARE VERY LIMITED due to our level of commitment and the information we share.