The CMW Watercolour Palette

The CMW Watercolour Palette

The CMW Watercolour palette




NOW AVAILABLE!!! The CMW Watercolour Palette.

This lightweight yet durable white palette is suitable for beginners as well as advanced painters. It has 18 paint wells all facing the artist which are large enough to hold approximately half a tube of paint and can be picked up using a 3/4″ or 1″ flat brush. There are 5 reasonable sized separate mixing areas and it has a loosely fitting lid. This lid can also double as additional mixing areas if required. We believe we now have a lasting, serviceable and affordable palette suitable for both studio and in the field use.

The overall dimensions with lid on is 325 ml x 213 ml x 20 ml.
The 18 paint wells measure approximately 25 ml x 25 ml x 12 ml.
The 5 separate mixing areas are 2 x large measuring 120 ml x 83 ml x 12 ml and 3 x 100 ml x 76 ml x 12 ml.