Workshop 2 – “The Fundamentals In Acrylic Painting”

Workshop 2 – “The Fundamentals In Acrylic Painting”

Workshop 2 – “The Fundamentals in Acrylic Painting”




“The Fundamentals in Acrylic Painting”

An “expert” is someone who does the basics extremely well and Barry believes we should all re visit the fundamentals of our craft regularly to improve and progress.

In this workshop we will revise the “how and why” of Barry’s approach, his equipment and materials and bringing this all together to create an oil like look on a variety of subject matter.

You will learn how to plan a painting using the principles of art to help you design a piece and then learn about the elements of art to help you paint a piece. This will include the practical aspects such as mark making with different brushes and how to mix colour and tones help you to convey the illusion of reality.

If it is easy, it becomes fun and if it’s fun to do, you’ll want to do it more often, and if you do it more often, you will improve.


Both full time artists, Lucy & Barry McCann are a husband & wife team who produce works largely on a commission basis. Their demonstrations, teaching & judging skills are sought after by art societies and groups throughout Australia & overseas.

Workshops are held from 9.00am – 4.30pm   Wednesday – Sunday

Workshop fee – $660 (Bookings essential)

Morning & afternoon tea provided. BYO Lunch

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